Change Your Relationship With Food

Just some of the results you should see when you work with me;

  • An improved general knowledge around food and the link to health

  • A confidence that you are feeding yourself and others the right foods

  • An understanding of your past relationship with food

  • More energy, focus and improved mood

  • A changed mindset to facilitate longevity and quality of life


"Everyone can benefit from an improved relationship with food"

Lucy F

When I started seeing Carey I felt like I was in a rut. I was stuck in a downward spiral of self-destruct, constantly battling with illness, skin problems and generally not coping very well with juggling my very busy life. Carey has helped me to put everything in perspective and realise my self worth, and armed me with the tools that enable me to deal with my incredibly hectic life. I LOVE to cook, and Carey has given me new inspiration and reminded me how much I enjoy my kitchen! Quick, tasty recipes that are really good for me and my family. To quote my son after 6 weeks of Careys training…”Mum, you are so much more chilled out now, and you seem more happy in yourself”. I am!

"Empowering and motivating, leading to healthier habits"

Louise SH

The coaching sessions quickly helped me to break out of a restrictive cycle I was stuck in and gave me space to think clearly within a supportive environment and framework. I have been able to make significant progress towards addressing the balance in my life, refocus on my career and have greater confidence. I find her lack of judgement, her clarity of focus and (seemingly) endless energy inspiring.
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